Since 1969, Piercing Pagoda has been widely-known as the gold kiosk leader in shopping malls across the United States and Puerto Rico.  It  has grown from a single retail location to roughly 780 kiosks and remains the core ear piercing business today. As part of a broad repositioning, the chain’s name changed to Banter by Piercing Pagoda. The relaunch included expanding and opening as many as 100 new Banter locations in malls in 2021, with roughly half of those being enclosed stores.

The process involved exploration of wordmarks, color palettes,  symbols, iconography, digital applications and a look into content activation for their 2021 Holiday Campaign. Additionally, we worked in the redesign of their current kiosks and signage.

Rebrand in situ 
Photo credits: Banter California, Banter Georgia, Banter New York


Banter by Piercing Pagoda

Red Antler

Creative Directors:
Margherita Urbani, Lindsay Brillson, Ada Mayer

Marni Kane

Art Directors:
Elisa Werbler, Olivia Ewing

Cat Williams, Helen Gallagher

Bex Zank, Jenn Flores

Industrial Designers:
Christian Poulsen, Lorraine Glover, Kaeo Helder