Common Tiger
Brand Identity

The outdoors has a special way of connecting you to your fullest self. But you can’t tap into all that you are if you can’t make outside spaces feel like your own. 
With iconic designs that reflect your style and adjustable features 
for comfort and ease, our chairs help you unlock your full self. 

We drew inspiration from geographic coordinates to convey a sense of space. Our labels/tags device is intentionally organized to highlight the brand's joy and expressive pillars. The overarching goal is to celebrate the essence of the outdoors and emphasize its ability to open up new mental horizons. Our chair offers the comfort and freedom to be your authentic self wherever you are.

Our symbol is based on our name, but also reflects our brand's spirit of movement and spontaneity. The mark is incredibly unique, with custom lettering, photographic textures, and an orange, off-centered silhouette creatively layered together.


Common Tiger

Red Antler

Executive Creative Director:
Jenna Navitsky

Creative Director:
Dan Crawford

Jenn Flores, Claire Smight

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