Odeko Rebrand

Odeko is Tools intentionally designed to help local coffee shops, cafés, and bakeries operate and grow.

The goal is to build the only farm-to-customer platform that makes it easier and cheaper for local suppliers and retailers to run their businesses, while offering unparalleled convenience and education for their customers.

This was a project that involved a crossover between brand and digital. The  process involved developing a new identity and whole graphic system for their re-launch. I worked closely with the digital team to make sure the visual language was streamlined across web and product.


— Brand Strategy
— Brand Identity
— Brand Guidelines
— Website Design



Red Antler

Executive Creative Director:
Jenna Navitsky

Creative Directors:
Erin Collis

Mariel Nardi 

Brand & Digital Designers:
Savannah Walker, Jenn Flores, Trista Yard

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