Queertrip.world was born as personal side project with designers Belen Tenorio and Cherri Hartigan

As queer-identifying travelers and allies, we have experienced firsthand the need for a comprehensive, up-to-date, community-approved queer travel guide. We conceived of Queertrip as a tool for community-building, inclusion, and love.

We want every single queerdo to feel emboldened to step out of their comfort zone and into the unknown -- without having to worry about their safety.

*This is a work in development*

Role: Designer
In charge of developing identity, uxui design, merch and social assets.

Wordmark & Icon

  • Modified icon to keep cohesive thread of our circular visual vernacular that speaks to earth and travel.

  • ‘Q’ descender was removed and replaced by an extension that will still read as the character and add a sense of motion.

  • Wordmark was modified to make it feel more grounded and sleek.

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    Creative Directors:
    Belen Tenorio & Cherri Hartigan

    Art Directors:
    Jenn Flores & Belen Tenorio

    Emma Banks

    Jenn Flores, Belen Tenorio

    Cherri Hartigan & Julian Cobos

    Porduct Management & Marketing strategy:
    Ana Paula Tenorio

    Belen Tenorio & Cherri Hartigan

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