RallyUp Brand Identity

You want to engage an audience with your cause, but the more attention-worthy you try to make an experience—with a special item auctioned, a one-night concert, or a local sale—the fewer people might be able to take part. In trying to draw people in, you actually close so many more out. RallyUp is the giving platform building a marvel that invites a new world of participation in your cause


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Symbol & Device

Our symbol captures a feeling of marvel that is essential to our platform as it communicates the magical aspect of being able to accomplish a range of experiences through the platform.

We use the spark shape from our wand symbol as a graphic element 
that shows all experiences.

Our icons are uniquely crafted to mimic the details in our wordmark. We combine solid shapes with outlines that speak to the dual relationship between our platform and our users.



Red Antler

Executive Creative Director:
Erin Collis

Creative Directors:
Franco Castillo

Jenn Flores, Hilda Wong, Mia Watson

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